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Ateme: Telsur deploys TITAN Live

Telefonica del Sur (Telsur), a telecommunications company in the south of Chile, has selected ATEME’s TITAN Live to increase its market share by offering a new streaming service for iOS devices and enhance video quality for its existing IPTV subscribers.

Founded in 1893 and headquartered in Valdivia, Chile, Telsur is the fourth-largest telecommunications company in Chile and was the country’s first to introduce an IPTV service in 2006. It has more than 300,000 clients and an IPTV subscriber base of 150,000 in major cities throughout southern Chile.

To support its ambitious business expansion efforts, Telsur has undergone a significant transition from a traditional, fixed, telephony provider to a multi-product telecommunications operator, offering wireless local telephone, internet, IPTV and more.

TITAN Live is ATEME’s carrier-grade software processing solution for next-generation TV head-end. It receives IP video sources coming from satellite reception and supports various encapsulation formats to enable the repurposing of content over numerous devices such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, or web players. By deploying TITAN Live, Telsur is now able to offer a new streaming service for iOS devices that rely on MPEG-4 video and adaptive bitrate technology.

Telsur’s installed base of first-generation set-top-boxes supports only MPEG-2 decoding. With TITAN Live, Telsur is able to broadcast compatible MPEG-2 video streams for its existing subscriber base, simultaneously with MPEG-4, with what ATEME says is enhanced picture quality compared with the MPEG-2 hardware encoders previously deployed.