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Area 48 Studio offers precision dimming

The new Area 48 Studio has been designed to provide ‘ultra-precise dimming’ throughout the entire dimming range, even in the last 5 per cent where other LED lights fall off, according to BB&S. It also operates silently thanks to fanless cooling.

The fixture retains the form factor and features of BB&S’ compact Area 48 remote phosphor technology, which improves upon the colour rendering, consistency and light output of traditional LED lighting fixtures.

It offers colour-rendering accuracy of more than 98 TLCI, with soft light output comparable to a 1K traditional soft light, yet it weighs just 3.6kg. Multiple power options supply its low power requirements (maximum 122W), including a standard V-mount or Gold-mount battery or standard AC power.

The phosphor panels are interchangeable, allowing users to quickly change the fixture from Daylight to Tungsten, Chroma-Green, Chroma-Blue, new 10,000K or others, in seconds without tools. The unit includes standard BB&S four-channel control of 8-bit, 16-bit, strobe and manual dimming, as well as On/Off.

Every Area 48 includes integrated barn doors. BB&S also offers optional light shaping tools including grids and soft boxes for more control.