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Archiving advances

The Archiware P5 product line is at IBC, supported by 27 partners showing compatible products. This includes two MAM vendors with new integrations for P5 Archive: Turkish vendor Metus and Swedish manufacturer Cantemo.

Archiware is showing the upcoming version 5.4 of the P5 software suite including Archive to the Cloud, integrated preview creation via FFmpeg and ImageMagick, and integration with Synology NAS.

The company is also exhibiting the next version of the P5 Archive App for archiving from the Mac OS X Finder. In this new version, the integration with FinalCut Pro X has been developed further to allow long-term storage of projects directly from within FCP X.

To show the practical application of Archiware P5 in conjunction with partner products, the booth features an archiving workflow including an mLogic mTape Thunderbolt LTO drive and a Spectra Logic T50e glass-top
LTO library.

Archiware partner Halimedia is presenting an all-in-one video recording station including an AJA KiPro Recorder and Player, connected to a central MAM and archiving system for training with video feedback.

And lastly, there’s a joint set-up with Sonnet Technologies: an optical Thunderbolt cable connects a Mac Pro – running Archiware P5 Archive in Sonnet’s RackMac Pro rack enclosure – to a Sonnet Echo 15+ Thunderbolt 2 Dock on the Archiware booth, showing how archiving can be done from any workstation while the Mac Pro and LTO

Tape drive are housed safely in a server room up to 60 metres away.