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Archive alternatives, AaaS?

The company said its goal is solving the myriad issues facing the archive industry. Its ALTO range offers a secure, high-performance big data, media archive and content library with a century lifespan, ultra-low energy consumption, and significantly lower cost of ownership.

Hardware features include the use of standard SAS disks, an expandable chassis, a 64-bit OS, hot swappable disks, fans and power supplies, and more. The system avoids RAID rebuilds, robotics, heavy aircon, time lost rewinding, and repeated slot licence fees.

New and as-yet-unnamed, it is a ‘hardware-as-a-service’ or ‘archive-as-a-service’ ‘product’ that is not cloud-based, but on-premises hardware that is essentially rented and becomes opex.

This service provides local speed and customer oversight of the hardware and data. The company is accepting possible names for the service. Send your ideas to [email protected]