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Archimedia Technology: A media player for

The Archimedia Enterprise Player, which comes free with an active support agreement, is designed for all stakeholders — expert or not — who must be able to view professional video in order to do their jobs.

Users therefore might be editors, colourists, and compressionists, or those in roles such as project managers, sales people or producers. Said Mark Gray, Archimedia president and CEO: “Archimedia’s new Enterprise Player is intended to find its way into the office of every producer and executive — and the offices of their staff. In the past, people used VTRs when they needed to view video. Now that type of convenience and efficiency is available with the Archimedia Enterprise Player on any desktop or laptop.”

The Enterprise Player was created to serve a dual purpose: replace the VTR and videotapes while augmenting its professional Archimedia Master Player.

The main difference between the two players is in the formats they support. The Enterprise Player plays all professional and consumer video and audio formats except for JPEG 2000, DPX, and 4K/UHD. Like the Master Player, the Enterprise Player can play captions and subtitles in roughly 80 external formats and 50 embedded formats, and all video can play to a normal TV over HDMI. The player is also designed to delivers accurate audio in all modes — fast forward, rewind, slow, and scrub.