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AP launches live news exchange service

The Associated Press (AP) is using IBC2017 to launch an online newsgathering service that allows broadcasters to find crews to cover stories and then facilitates the delivery of their live feeds.

The AP Live Community web portal, developed in conjunction with video-over-mobile technology company LiveU, includes lists of available service providers and details of current filming opportunities.

All registered crews accessing the service will use LiveU transmitters to send their live footage. As the LiveU devices automatically pair through the AP Live

Community platform, live broadcasts can be delivered directly into a broadcaster’s LiveU server.

AP is vetting all service providers and is handling invoicing and billing.

Paul Shanley, director of business development and partnerships, AP, said the platform will “eliminate the complexity broadcasters currently face in having to source video production crews who are able to competently deliver live coverage”

Thirty service providers and 20 broadcasters have signed up to the new service so far.Ronen Artman, vice president of marketing, LiveU, added that he expects the new service to help freelancers to find additional work and grow their businesses.

AP Live Community will be free to access but commission and connection fees will be applicable.