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The V-Mount battery is increasingly the standard connection for broadcast cameras, which is why Anton/Bauer, best known for its Gold Mount units, has now launched a new V-Mount Digital Battery Series.

The batteries, which will also be available with Gold Mount connectors, are claimed to be “the first battery line designed specifically to power today’s digital productions, including the unique needs of 4K camera set-ups and other digital cameras, while providing top-tier levels of safety, performance and reliability.”

The V-Mount option means that Anton/Bauer’s batteries will now be available for use with any camera and any accessory. The new design includes a proprietary digital filter that increases run time and lengthens life cycle.

The series come in three sizes (90 Watt hour, 150Wh, and 190Wh), all fitted with high-quality cells that are claimed to deliver a long performance life.