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Antenna mount offers greater capacity

IBC has been chosen for the launch of Hiltron’s Super-HMAM large-capacity motorised antenna mount. Based on the HMAM three-axis motorised antenna mount, Super-HMAM is designed and built to accept much larger reflectors.

Hiltron managing director Jan Molter said: “Produced for two-way VSAT communication or receive-only downlink applications, Super-HMAM was originally developed for a major German customer and is now being added to our catalogue. It accommodates satellite transmission antennas of up to 4.9m diameter, compared with the 2.7m maximum antenna capacity of the standard HMAM.

“Integral to Super-HMAM is a newly developed support structure which can survive the storm conditions experienced at high-altitude relay and transmission locations where wind speeds can exceed 200km per hour,” continued Molter. “All models in the HMAM range provide full motorised control of x and y axes as well as transmission beam polarity.”

Like the standard HMAM, Super-HMAM can be controlled via an IP link from a PC running a graphic user interface compatible with standard web browsers. The control GUI displays all the information required to set and maintain azimuth, elevation and polarisation, including current position and target position plus a database of potentially accessible satellites.