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Antenna ice is no problem

New developments in monitoring and control methods for actively controlling the antenna surface temperature for uplink-oriented antennas are being unveiled at IBC by Walton De-Ice.

According to the company, the newest Temperature Control and Monitoring (TCS-2) system makes de-icing operation more efficient than ever, saving management and labour overhead for stations.

The company’s products help protect critical broadcast, cable, and direct-to-home satellite networks from signal degradation, outages and downtime due to snow, ice and rain. Nearly 20,000 Walton De-Ice earth station weather protection systems have been delivered for satellite networks.

For larger and uplink type antennas from 3.7m to 32m in size, Walton’s Hot-Air De-Icing system uses what the company describes as a unique enclosure design which mounts behind antennas. For smaller antennas from 0.6m to 6.3m in diameter, Walton has shipped over 14,500 of its Snow Shield and Ice Quake antenna cover systems.