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Anglissimo cuts through cable clutter

The Anglissimo elbow plug connector is an eight in-one unit that can be adapted to orientate the connector in one of the eight possible positions during its assembly to help overcome space constraints. This is useful for designs where many cables need to be positioned in a precise way to prevent cable clutter.

The push-pull self-latching design is available in three sizes (0B, 1B and 2B series). It has two to 32 multipole electrical contacts, with various keying options and nine colour codings. It is rated IP50, but a weather-resistant T series version that is IP68 rated will be available early next year.

Lemo is also showing its range of SMPTE cables and 3K.93C series connector. The SMPTE cables are available in various versions: PUR cable, PVC cable, Low Smoke Zero Halogen and PUR cable for fixed installation. A new, coiled SMPTE cable has also been released.

This 6.8mm spring shaped cable is able to extend further when in use while being able to retract to take up less space when not needed.