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Ancora offers control for OB

The benefits of Ancora for IP connectivity are being demonstrated here at IBC. Ancora is a system to integrate the control, management and monitoring of multiple devices in an OB truck or facility and provides a unified operator interface for clarity and consistency.

Ancora provides a bridge between legacy equipment and new generation hardware and software with a system that is configurable, easily modified or expanded by the customer without Hi Tech’s intervention, said the company.

Tom Favell, managing director, Hi Tech, said: “Our Ancora Designer application is used to build GUIs and hardware panel layouts and the latter can be from our Array range or existing panels from other manufacturers; router control panels, for example. We’ve invested a lot of time making the Designer clear and easy to use and have adopted the latest technology behind the scenes to achieve this.”

“We also have a wide range of device drivers in our database and are adding more by the day,” Favell continued. “We have local or remote databases that are replicated or clustered and are ideally placed to supply large or small systems working with best-of-breed products, as we don’t make any of the equipment being controlled.”