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AMOS-6 launch celebrated

The topic of conversation on the Spacecom stand at IBC is the launch of AMOS-6, Spacecom’s newest communication satellite, to the AMOS 4°W ‘hot spot’.

Currently at this vantage point, Spacecom has two satellites: AMOS-2 and AMOS-3. When AMOS-6 joins the orbital position, it will replace AMOS-2. AMOS-6 is larger than AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 combined and has what Spacecom describes as extensive Ku-band and Ka-band capabilities. The latter has High Throughput Spot (HTS) beams which are said to be ideal for bringing reliable quality broadband internet services.

Jacob Keret, senior vice president for sales to Europe, North America and the Middle East, Spacecom, said: “AMOS-6 will add more power and capacity at the AMOS4°W hot spot prime orbital position covering Europe and the Middle East. We are particularly excited that its Ka-band beam’s capacity has been selected by Facebook to be the satellite backbone of the social media giant’s initiative to bring broadband internet to sub-Sahara Africa.”

According to Spacecom, the satellite’s 39 Ku-band segments and 36 Ka-band beams will provide a wide array of services for broadcast, broadband and data communications clients. One of these new services is ‘hybrid’, combining the best of satellite services for fast internet data providers to strengthen high-speed internet DSL operations.

Spacecom’s ‘DSL Booster’ service will add a satellite-supported segment which the company says will bring reliable, high-quality broadband internet to users who may suffer from slow or lower quality internet access and enable users to utilise more data-heavy applications.