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Amimom :Zero latency wireless links

The new AmimonPRO wireless links can transmit signals up to 2,000m with no latency, a level of performance that the company claims “was previously available only from wireless systems that sell for 10 times as much.”

Amimon’s CEO, Ram Ofir, commented: “This innovative transmission technology moves far beyond the parameters of conventional wireless video by delivering uncompressed HD video with no delay in image, audio or control signal transmission.”

Its longest-range system is SkyLink, ideal for use with drones, which allows a camera operator with a handheld monitor to be up to 2km from the camera, viewing HD video and controlling the camera with no delay, while a second operator controls the mobile device’s movement.

Amimon’s LiveLink is a very small compact unit with an operating range of 200m and bi-directional connectivity, while StudioLink, for studio productions, delivers realtime wireless HD transmission and control to multiple cameras without interference at distances up to 100m. This allows manned and robotic cameras to be positioned in difficult-to-access locations to capture unique angles while reducing infrastructure costs.