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Alto twinned with Paragon

Disk Archive’s Alto has been added to the storage options for the Paragon archive application.

Alto is a replication-based, high-density cold storage platform for large volumes of archive storage that has a MAID-III architecture, making it a non-linear alternative to LTFS tape systems.

TMD’s Paragon manages the online, offline and vault storage replicas in the same way as barcoded tapes.

That results in a scalable and flexible archive platform that can expand on demand, based on locally sourced commodity disks, from a few terabytes to hundreds of petabytes.

At the same time, the Alto replication technique allows disks that are not actively reading or writing to be taken offline, reducing power consumption.

Tony Taylor, chairman of TMD, said: “Alto storage is very attractive for the sort of applications we see for Paragon, which routinely need fast access to clips.

Alto gives the speed boost of random disk access, while being easy to deploy and easy to maintain. It is a great addition to our offering.”

Paragon also works with LTO tapes, including LTO-7 and cloud storage.