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Alexa, help me get more listener interaction

With the Smart Speaker Toolkit from Broadcast Bionics and a home smart speaker, radio consumers are fully enabled to reach the studio by voice command, and through the information already stored in the smart speaker, contributions will be content fit and ready to air.

For example, say “Alexa, tell the studio I like this song” or “Alexa, tell the studio the answer is …” and the message instantly appears in the studio’s message queue.

Audiences reactions are fresh and immediate and become a rich source of new content and contributors, claimed Broadcast Bionics. Stations can connect the Broadcast Bionics Smart Speaker Toolkit to Google Home, Apple HomePOD and Amazon Alexa.

Broadcast Bionics said the latest research forecasts Amazon Alexa sales to hit 10 million this year, and the company said that it was keen to ensure that there’s a place for radio in the fast-changing way in which audio is consumed.