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Alcatel-Lucent: Gazing into the future of pay TV

The pay TV market has entered an era of unprecedented change. As a pay TV operator, you need to evolve your network to thrive in this new TV landscape. By migrating to IP video, in which advanced TV services are hosted in the cloud and streamed to consumer-owned devices over a unified IP video infrastructure, the argument is that operators can deliver a unified and personalised experience across devices, reduce overall capital and operational expenses and accelerate time to market for new services.

With a leading product portfolio, global team of video experts, proven field expertise and innovation powerhouse Bell Lab, Alcatel-Lucent claims a unique position to help operators stay at the heart of the IP video value chain. “With Alcatel-Lucent IP video innovations, you can build a massively scalable IP Video network that leverages the latest cloud-based services and IP delivery technologies,” said the company’s Odile Charles.

The French telco is welcoming visitors to its hospitality suite to see “differentiated IP video solutions that are as bold, bright and beautiful as video entertainment itself.”