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AI helps produce clips

Providing what it says is an in-depth look at new technologies and integrations that allow video providers to quickly and economically create video workflows on-premises or in the cloud, AWS Elemental is delivering a range of demonstrations across the full workflow gamut.

“The rate of change in the video industry continues to accelerate as advancements in streaming formats, video quality and artificial intelligence put remarkable new tools in place to enhance viewing experiences while reducing operational costs,” said Keith Wymbs, chief marketing officer, AWS Elemental.

“To keep pace, video providers must expand their capabilities by making the move to cloud-based infrastructure and preparing for new and emerging media standards, such as the Common Media Application Format.”

The demonstration, featuring Amazon EC2 Spot and Thinkbox Deadline 10, shows how, with a few clicks, users can launch a powerful render farm using AWS instances with GPU or CPU processing power and Thinkbox’s render management software.

Flexible infrastructure and usage-based licensing are said to let users maximise rendering resources and software investments.

AWS Elemental is also showing what it can do in terms of machine learning and artificial intelligence. A new approach to frame-accurate live-to-video-on-demand asset creation uses the technologies, powered by Amazon Rekognition, to automatically search and analyse content libraries for user-supplied keywords and produce
VoD clips based on the results.