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Agama Technologies: Gaining insight from data

If you’re going to have a birthday, what better place to celebrate it than at IBC? This month sees Agama Technologies’10th anniversary, and the company is celebrating it by demonstrating to visitors its offerings in QA for IP, cable and OTT video services in multiplatform and multiscreen environments.

A preview of the upcoming Version 4.7 of the Agama DTV Monitoring Solution, with all its latest developments and additions, is also on show.

The company is launching Operational Analytics for Devices. This is described as a new mission-focused analytics and visualisation application that allows for interactive and exploratory analysis of service quality and device behaviour, based on the vast amounts of data gathered through Agama’s Embedded Monitoring Solution. With this app, says the company, customers can better understand where things go wrong and why.

Today’s sophisticated video delivery and service monitoring solutions, especially those covering the subscribers’ viewing devices — be it traditional TV sets or mobile devices —generate vast amounts of data, Agama notes, with millions of subscriber devices continuously and concurrently reporting a massive set of parameters 24/7.

This data can create many valuable insights that can provide significant bottom-line savings to TV operators, according to Agama, if used to support continuous service quality improvements, trend analyses and other processes reliant on discovering patterns based on complex, non-obvious relations. The key is to be able to extract the actionable insights of weight from all the data, avoiding becoming stuck in the sheer mass of it. By applying domain-specific knowledge to the data, it is possible to drastically reduce the size and complexity of the data to levels that make it possible to grasp, visualise and understand the non-obvious; and, thereby being able to draw conclusions. Simply put, concludes Agama, shortening time to insight and enabling action.