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Affordable wireless multi-camera VoIP

Software-defined wide area networks promise an affordable, reliable and flexible mobile backhaul system for video, which is why JVC has announced a partnership with Peplink, a specialist in SD-WAN bonding systems. It combines multiple connections to create a stable backbone for JVC’s new ProHD Wireless Bridge video-over-IP system for multi-camera live broadcasts.

Using the PB-Cell200 cellular uplink and Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology bonds multiple 3G/4G/LTE and network (WiFi and wired) connections and creates a secure virtual private network (VPN) that turns the ProHD Wireless Bridge into a remote broadcasting hub.

JVC’s Bridge Command Center is used for the system management from the remote location. “As cellular networks have improved, bonded cellular solutions can now realistically be used in place of mobile microwave and satellite solutions,” said Alex Chan, CEO, Peplink.

As well as being central to ProHD Wireless Bridge, the SpeedFusion SD-WAN technology “will be an essential part of other JVC video-over-IP wireless solutions for broadcasters and other live event producers”, added Gustav Emrich, European product manager, JVC Kenwood.