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Adding ‘MP4 live’ output support

A new version of DDVTech’s media server software, MistServer 2.4, has been released at IBC. It adds a variety of fixes, improvements and
new features.

Most importantly, this release marks the addition of the new HTML5 ‘MP4 live’ output support, which offers app-less, plugin-free and script-free live streaming to practically any device/player available today, with no setup or installation required on the end consumer hardware.

This is not new technology – live support has in fact been part of the MP4 standard since the very beginning – but the company claims that MistServer is the first streaming media server to offer the ability to make use of this widely supported live video delivery method.
MP4 live complements the support in MistServer for other delivery methods, including high-performance versions of DASH, HLS, HSS, HDS, FLV, RTMP and RTSP.