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Acquisitions for replay and IP capability

As reported in The IBC Daily yesterday, Coveloz Technologies and Abekas have been acquired by Ross Video, as the company attempts to improve its stance in the worlds of IP and replay.

Equipment vendors from various industries use Coveloz solutions for time-sensitive networking and processing of audio, video and control signals in their products, and Ross Video’s Jeff Moore, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, was keen to emphasise that the business would continue to do that.

Moore told The IBC Daily: “Coveloz means we are able to accelerate Ross’s IP roadmap, as well as make Coveloz’s services available; it will continue to run as a separate company, and will continue to supply companies, including our competitors.”

Additionally, Coveloz’s work with Intel-owned Altera will continue unabated, enabling broadly interoperable adoption of studio video-over-IP technologies. Moore continued: “We really want to stress that Coveloz will continue to work with Altera. Access to Coveloz’s technology through Altera will not stop.”

Meanwhile, Abekas adds core video server technology, replay and profanity delay systems into the Ross product portfolio. On Abekas, Moore commented: “Our product portfolio is all focused on live production, but the gaping hole in it is replay; Ross hasn’t had a replay system, and we do a lot of work in the sports arena where replay is a key component. Abakas’s Mira Replay product will plug that gap, and some of our customers are already using it.”

Abekas’s Junaid Sheikh, CEO, and Phil Bennett, co-founder and VP engineering, will stay within Ross as the business is integrated. Nestor Amaya, president and founder of Coveloz, will continue to lead the company as a standalone business.