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Ace delivery for wireless monitoring

The new Paralinx Ace is a compact, lightweight point-to-point wireless monitoring system that comes in either HDMI or SDI versions. “It’s the most affordable and lightest SDI wireless system,” claimed Greg Smokler, co-founder, Paralinx.

The SDI transmitter, which comes with a D-Tap cable (7-17v), weighs 150 grams, while the HDMI model is just 126 grams. Both deliver uncompressed HD video over a maximum range of 100m.

Ace offers numerous improvements over Paralinx’s original Arrow products, including improved signal robustness and a tougher physical design. It will allow camera operators, focus pullers and directors to integrate wireless monitoring into their setups “with the smallest and lightest possible footprint, while keeping the price point accessible to a wide array of users”, added Smokler.

The HDMI 1-1 Kit (with both transmitter and receiver) will cost €1200, while the SDI 1-1 Kit will be €1650. Both will be available this month, and are interchangeable – either transmitter will work with either receiver. All the units can accommodate a wide variety of integrated mounting accessories and battery plates. 11.E55