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Access improved for in-home WiFi

In-home WiFi products and services for operators are being demonstrated by AirTies. The company currently provides in-home WiFi systems to leading service providers, such as Sky, Vodafone, Singtel, Swisscom, Midco, and others.

Unlike traditional WiFi, which relies on a single Access Point (AP) from a router/gateway, AirTies says its solution uses multiple APs placed around the home to create an intelligent network that ensures consistent, high quality whole-home internet coverage. These compact, smart APs can be connected wirelessly via AirTies’ Wi-Fi Mesh, or with a hybrid combination of wired connections, such as MoCA, Ethernet, or Powerline.

In addition, AirTies’ Client Steering technology is designed to dynamically connect devices to the best available WiFi channel and frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz), based on actual network conditions in the home to ensure optimal performance.

AirTies is also demonstrating Remote View version 1.0, a cloud-based, in-home performance monitoring system for field support and network engineering teams to optimise in-home WiFi.

The company claimed that Remote View enables operators to identify WiFi installation issues, determine if coverage problems exist, whether additional APs are required in a home, and provides key performance data on both individual homes and aggregates data across numerous households.