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Accelerated experience

Intended to improve viewing experiences for OTT video consumers, Akamai Media Acceleration is being demonstrated at IBC. The company says it marks an evolution of Akamai’s content delivery capabilities by taking a viewer-centric approach to online video distribution, in that technology can be integrated directly into consumer applications to optimise the experience for each individual viewer.

According to Akamai, OTT operators can take advantage of more efficient communication between their customers’ devices and the Akamai network to deliver video that is ideally suited for the device capabilities, network type and conditions of specific end users.

This allows viewers to enjoy consistently high and predictable quality of experience that is critical for OTT services to attract and engage subscribers.

As a part of its UDP-based delivery optimisations that are designed to maximise video throughput on a global scale, Akamai says it is leveraging emerging standards, including Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC), to help drive customer adoption of Media Acceleration.

Scott Brown, VP product management, Akamai Technologies, said: “Traditional television distribution has fundamental commercial and operational characteristics that are very different from internet video distribution today. Akamai has developed Media

Acceleration to function as a vehicle through which we can introduce innovations that address the quality and scale challenges of OTT, while also facilitating sustainable economic models that can help enable the growth of video distribution over the internet.”