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A soft light on the tiles

The new Ledgo Versatile LG-V58C is a flexible LED tile that should live up to its name. The lightweight 30cm x 60cm tiles can be combined to make up panel lights, or bent to fit a space.

The dimmable, bi-colour soft lights can be battery powered, are waterproof, and have a TLCI rating of 93.

The ultra-soft new LG-R320C LED ring light is bi-colour and dimmable, and can be powered by Sony NP batteries. It has a TLCI of 92 to 97 depending on colour.

Ledgo also has two new (differently sized) low-cost pad lights, the LG-E268C and smaller LG-E116C (useful as an on-camera light), offering very soft light with variable colour temperature from 3200K-5600K, flicker-free, and TLCI of 91-95. They offer wireless control via an app and 2.4Ghz remote control.