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A new direction for EOS audio

A new compact directional stereo microphone, the DM-E1, has been introduced by Canon; its first external EOS system microphone. The versatile DM-E1 uses the classic shotgun design and has three directional sound pick-up modes: monaural shotgun, for capturing a sound source directly in front of the camera, such as a presenter or reporter, providing some isolation from other sounds from within their environment; and 90º and 120º modes, which provide stereo sound for sources spread over wider areas.

An in-built shockmount ensures noise from camera operations and lens zoom are reduced. There is also a windshield to reduce wind noise.

It has a 50Hz-16kHz frequency range, as well as 66dB S/N ratio and -42dB sensitivity.

The DM-E1 is claimed to be one of the smallest and lightest microphones of its kind, making it perfect for shooting on the move. It has a 35mm audio jack connection,for use with compatible Canon EOS cameras.