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8K decoder goes beyond

Supporting 8K resolution at 60fps, a new HEVC/H.265 video decoding system is being demonstrated at IBC. With 4:4:4/10-bit colour, the codec is said to be highly scalable with an advanced multithreaded architecture and to be optimised for Intel and ARM processors.

Mauricio Álvarez-Mesa, CEO of Spin Digital, said, “8K/UHD 2, with its four times higher resolution than 4K UHD, is the ultimate format for high quality video. Promoters and critics alike have widely recognised the advantages of 4K UHD over FHD, as 4K truly brings a new video experience. 8K will go far beyond 4K by delivering immersive and absorbing experiences that are currently not possible with 4K.

Beyond increases in resolution, 8K and also the so-called UHD-1 phase-2 will bring significant image quality improvements such as HDR, HFR and wide colour gamuts. Spin Digital’s HEVC/H.265 8K decoder is a critical component for making 8K a reality.”

Alvarez-Mesa said the codec must provide the highest compression, and at the same time be able to process 8K data rates. Spin Digital has solved this by creating the most optimised HEVC/H.265 decoder implementation, the only one in the market able to provide high-quality 8K in real time.

Spin Digital 1.F13