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4K-ready streamer debuted

A live TV network streamer and PVR system for the home that supports 4K and uses no internet bandwidth is on show at IBC.

The third-generation VBox TV Gateway from VBox Communications allows users to watch and record different programmes at the same time, view live and recorded TV online on the go, record programmes to a tablet computer and pause recording on one screen before picking it up on another.

The new VBox is being made available in two different models: the XTi-3442 dual DVB-T/T2 tuner for free-to-air aerial reception; and the XTi-3452 dual DVB-C tuners for free-to-air cable TV.

Both units make use of a home WiFi or Ethernet network to stream TV channels to connected devices. External USB or NAS storage is required for recording.

Content can be streamed to various devices including smart TVs, Android or iOS tablets or smartphones and PC or Mac computers.

Amir Aharonovich, vice president, marketing, VBox, said: “VBox is an amazing new way for customers to experience TV on their terms. We wanted to reimagine TV so that it’s flexible and seamless across different screens and places.

We think customers are going to love the new VBox.”