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4K and 8K resolution test charts

If you want to check if your cameras and lenses really are 4K or even 8K ready, Image Engineering has designed new 4K and 8K high resolution test charts to show the smallest structures your system can resolve, either by simple visual inspection or using a waveform monitor.

By comparing the raw signal of the test charts delivered by the camera against the compressed one, users can also find out what information actually remains in the output signal.

To get to the required high resolution of up to 8000 lines per picture height in a small form factor, the charts have been produced as transparencies. The D280 size of the charts fits into its integrating spheres (LE6 or LE7) and also into its light box (LG2), which can be put on a table or a tripod.

There are two 4K charts: TE277 designed primarily for waveform use; and TE279, which is ideal for quick visual checks. The TE278 D 8K Resolution Chart is designed for waveform monitor use, but visual assessment is possible.

A more detailed and automated, computer-based evaluation of a system, including MTF curves, can be done using its TE268 chart combined with its iQ-Analyzer software, which can evaluate cameras at resolutions much higher than 8K. Image Engineering currently has an iQ-Analyzer Color Module and ColorChecker Bundle on a special limited time offer for €1575.