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3D Storm: LiveExpert line featured

3D Storm, distributor of NewTek products in EMEA and LiveXpert worldwide, is extending NewTek’s presence at IBC by showcasing the LiveXpert line. Developed under the NewTek third party developer network, LiveXpert is designed to complement all video switchers, including NewTek TriCaster as well as 3Play instant replay system.

The range includes LiveCG Broadcast for TriCaster, a standalone 1RU device that gives the ability to display all graphics needed for TV production; LiveCG Broadcast SDI, the SDI version of LiveCG Broadcast; LiveCG Football, a professional statistics and scoring management application; and LiveCG Score, a multi-sports graphic and scoring application.

Visitors can also examine LiveMixer, an add-on that provides the ability to connect a Berhinger BCF2000 or a Yamaha 01V96i to any TriCaster HD model, in order to remotely control the audio mixer functions of the TriCaster; LiveMixer Remote, which provides the ability to deport TriCaster audio Mixer Graphic Interface on a dedicated workstation; LiveTally Air, a wireless Tally lights system; and LiveTally Remote, a Tally lights system using Ethernet cable.

Rounding out the IBC lineup is LiveTally Converter, a small interface to plug into the Tally connector of TriCaster to provide close contacts instead of 5v power, to be used with cameras with built-in tally light and CCU; LiveControl Box, an interface for TriCaster for sending and receiving GPI (General Purpose Interface) to and from any kind of devices supporting GPI; and FingerWorks 5 for TriCaster Telestrator, a telestration tool for realtime news and sports programmes, designed to allow the user to draw a freehand sketch over a video image while journalists and commentators are analysing it in live.