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25 million devices enabled

Celebrating a milestone at IBC of more than 25 million devices equipped with its SOP embedded software platform is exhibitor SoftAtHome.

This year, the company – a provider of operating platforms enabling convergent services for the digital home – is demonstrating how virtualisation, the split between software and hardware and the power coming from the mix between the cloud and its SOP platform, provides innovative ways for operators to shorten time-to-market and satisfy end-users’ need for advanced features. Among the innovations it is showcasing is the Swisscom Top Speed Media Smart Home solution it developed.

Michel Degland, CEO, SoftAtHome, said, “Since our creation, we have been working as a real ‘club of operators’, aiming to help operators innovate. With our 25 million software licenses, we facilitate operators’ product roadmaps, introducing radically new ways to consume video content. Our HDR implementation, our agnosticism between Android and Linux application universes, and MediaCloud, the NAS for operators, are some great examples of the agility virtualisation brings to operators.”

Degland noted the significant, disruptive, impact that HDR is having on the broadcast industry and, in response, is demonstrating at IBC a user interface specifically designed for HDR.

Also on show is ScreenAtHome, which runs on either Android or on Linux. Traditional features such as Live TV, EPG and VoD can, says the company, be complemented with the Android Lollipop application universe. With Linux, operators will also be able to add convergent home screen, controlling home environment, PodcastTV, profiling and other features, enabling traditional set-top box services to be mixed with gateway services, such as digital home control.