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10G Wi-Fi advance unveiled for first time

A 10Gbps Wi-Fi product line has been launched at IBC that allows more users to concurrently access the internet in the home.

Considered by its developers to be the first of its kind, Quantenna Communications’ up-to-12-stream 10G Wave 3 family is said to deliver improved Wi-Fi performance in high-density environments, and can address both the service provider and retail market segments.

It uses the company’s True 8×8 QSR10G Wi-Fi platform which features adaptive, multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology for home wireless access points (APs) and residential gateways.

The improvement is achieved by combining the True 8×8 MIMO configuration for 5GHz networks with 4×4 MIMO configuration on 2.4GHz networks to create a combined 12 streams.

The upshot is that 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks using Quantenna’s Wave 3 product family can allow additional users to access the internet in the home.

Quantenna’s QSR10GU, QSR10GA, QSR10G5, QSR10PA products are currently being tested by early access partners.