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Akamai webinar series: Analysing the “next generation” of challenges

Four insightful and innovative webinars will be delivered over the coming weeks

In partnership with TVBEurope, Akamai is set to deliver a series of free, insightful and innovative webinars to the broadcast industry over the coming weeks.

The four webinars, following on from the successful ‘Navigating the OTT 2.0 Landscape’ back in June, will expand on this ‘introductory’ webinar with an in-depth series, each offering a more thorough insight into the next generation of industry challenges and technologies.

“’Navigating the OTT 2.0 Landscape’ set the scene, talking about where we see the industry going, where we see the big changes happening, both in terms of workflow and workflow technology,” explained Ian Munford, director of product enablement and marketing media services, Akamai.

“The series are essentially that in detail – how we can deal with the next generation of challenges, sharing best practice.

“We take almost every aspect of the chain, deconstruct it, and look at it on the basis of where we are now and where we need to be tomorrow.”

Up first on the agenda is ‘Demystifying the workflow’. Available on 5 October at 14:00 (GMT), the 15-minute webinar will offer guidance on how to deliver a reliable, scalable and high-performing OTT service, avoiding any hiccups along the way.

Whether you’re building an OTT service from the ground up, or figuring out how to transition your existing infrastructure to support a new OTT business model, creating a highly integrated live or on-demand video workflow is a must-have. Peter Chave, Akamai’s principal architect for linear OTT workflow solutions, will address exactly how to do that, both for today and for tomorrow.

The remaining three webinars; ‘Video Quality and Performance to Drive Viewer Engagement’; ‘BOCC – increasing visibility and understanding’; and ‘The Promise of the Cloud’ will become available throughout October and November, with further details to be revealed by TVBEurope in the coming weeks.

Munford added: “We’ve got some really smart guys delivering the webinars – Peter Chave is a world authority on live workflows. Shawn Michels, (product line director, media services) is looking at VoD workflows and Scott Brown, (vice president, product management and operations) is looking at some of the challenges of delivery high quality video steaming.

“These guys need no instruction. They are absolute experts in their field.”

The series follows a “very encouraging” IBC2016 for Akamai.

Munford said: “We were really encouraged by the maturity of the discussions that we were able to have. We’re no longer talking about how to deal with these little fiddly problems of delivering video over the internet.

“What we’re talking about is how we engineer the next generation of TV viewing. That was quite an eye opener for me, and very encouraging.

“At IBC, we had a live 4K stream running permanently – we were filming live, we were ingesting live, we were steaming live 4K into the RAI – which is a bear pit for bandwidth!

“We don’t go into the nitty-gritty software – we display the art of possible.”