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Western Europe to exceed 100 million pay-TV subs

Figure to be surpassed in June

Western Europe pay-TV subscribers will surpass the 100 million mark in June, according to the latest Digital TV Research report.

‘Western Europe Pay-TV Forecasts’ predicts that, unlike the US, the pay-TV market will continue to gain subscribers between 2016 and 2022. Seven million further registered users, according to the report, will see the subscriber total hit 106 million in five years time.

Simon Murray, principal analyst, Digital TV Research, said: “Better news is that the number of digital pay-TV subscribers will increase by 15.6 per cent (14 million) over the same period. Analogue cable subs will fall from eight million in 2016 to 0.5 million in 2022.”

Much of the subscriber growth, according to the report, will come from countries with traditionally low pay-TV penetration: two-thirds of the region’s net additions will come from Italy (up by 1.47 million – 20 per cent – between 2016 and 2022), Spain (up by 1.36 million – 23 per cent) and France (up 1.41 million – 11 per cent).