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Video viewers turn to smart TVs and phones

New research from Ampere Analysis says 26 per cent of viewers watch videos on their phone on a daily basis

Video viewers are increasingly turning to phones and smart TVs to watch films and TV programming according to new research from Ampere Analysis.

The company says that in 2015, 10 per cent of viewers said they watched content via their smartphone on a daily basis; in August 2018 that figure had risen to 26 per cent; with 42 per cent watching weekly.

Ampere reports nearly one third (31 per cent) of internet users now watch videos from smart TVs or streaming boxes/sticks on a daily basis. This number increases to half (51 per cent) of all internet users who watch on smart TVs and streaming devices on a weekly basis.

Richard Broughton, director at Ampere Analysis said: “The last three years have witnessed a rising demand for daily and weekly viewing of video online. This has supported the growth of larger screen sizes on smartphones and the innovation of smart TVs, to some extent driving out other viewing platforms, especially the tablet.

However, there are consumer groups with different needs and lifestyles that are still perfectly happy with PCs and tablets, such as families with young kids and students. So, although our research on viewing gels with data that companies such as Netflix have released about the migration of viewing, video services and manufacturers shouldn’t ignore these other important, active audience bases (which are still reliant on PCs and tablets) in their strategy and development planning.”