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Video comprises “65 per cent of downstream mobile internet traffic”

"Video dominates mobile" according to Sandvine

Video comprises 65 per cent of downstream mobile internet traffic, Sandvine has found.

“Video dominates mobile” according to The Mobile Internet Phenomena Report, which noted the increasing popularity of mobile video sharing, citing Snapchat video, FaceTime and Facebook Live as prominent sources.

This puts video well ahead of social media (12.9 per cent) and messaging (5.9 per cent) when it comes to global traffic share.

In terms of downstream application traffic, YouTube takes 27.1 per cent of the global share, followed by Facebook Video on 18.6 per cent.

“YouTube maintains their number one position on mobile networks in 2020, despite the continued rise of WiFi usage and alternative video sources, especially on social networks,” said the report.

For downstream traffic on fixed mobile networks, Netflix leads with a 25.15 per cent share, followed by YouTube (12.35 per cent), Hulu (7.32 per cent), Disney Plus (7.10 per cent) and Amazon Prime (6.23 per cent).

Download the full report from Sandvine.