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UK viewers unlikely to take algorithm recommendations

Only 16.7 per cent of UK viewers take recommendations from within the app

A Limelight report into online video has shown underwhelming performance for “what to watch” algorithms, with only 16.7 per cent of UK viewers saying they take recommendations from within the app.

Friends and family (27.7 per cent) and browsing the app (25.5 per cent) proved the most popular source of finding content to stream, while only 5.4 per cent of UK consumers said they take recommendations from social media.

Meanwhile, UK users cited video rebuffering as the most frustrating aspect of online viewing (51.2 per cent), followed by poor video quality (27.5 per cent).

Binge-watching was also reported as increasing in the UK, with viewers spending an average 2.69 hours bingeing a series in a single sitting in 2019, up from 2.04 hours in 2018.