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SVoD revenues climb $10 billion in one year

Revenues in Germany and the UK are among the fastest risers

Combined revenues from SVoD services across more than 100 territories have found that takings are up by $10bn on last year’s total.

According to new data published today by Digital TV research, which analysed streaming services across 138 territories, combined revenue will total $35.04bn in 2018 – which is more than triple of 2015’s combined total.

While the US leads the way in terms of top earning country, Digital TV Research analyst Simon Murray said that the territory’s influence was diminishing as other countries start to catch up.

The US contributed 56 per cent of the global revenues in 2015, but this proportion will fall to 48 per cent in 2018.

Among the fastest risers are Germany, whose combined streaming revenues have grown from $298m in 2015 to over $1bn in 2018 while in the UK revenues have spiked over the same time period from $614m to $1.7bn.

Outside Europe, China’s SVoD earnings have also soared from $459 in 2015 to $3.7m in 2018.

Digital TV Research expects 474m SVOD subscriptions globally by end-2018 and points out that these figures are gross subscriptions as one householder can hold more than one subscription.

This is up by 108m from a year earlier and up by 304m on the end-2015 total.