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“Second Screening” while watching TV increases ad effectiveness

Improves the viewer’s chances of following up on an advert by 75 per cent

Viewers are much more likely to follow up on a TV advert when simultaneously using their phone or tablet.

This is according to new research by media agency MediaCom and technology company ViewersLogic, dispelling one of advertising’s biggest myths that using another device would detract attention away from an advert.

“Second screening” – the act of watching TV while using a mobile or other connected device – actually improves the viewer’s chances of following up on an advert by 75 per cent, significantly improving the effectiveness of the ad.

Women were more receptive to actively responding to an advert while second screening, with 59 per cent of all their active responses happening while they were second screening, compared to 51 per cent of men. The 40-54 age group was the most responsive with 57 per cent of all active responses happening while second screening. 55+ was the least responsive with 50 per cent.

In another surprising finding, people who saw adverts while second screening were observed as being more “brand aware” than those who weren’t second screening. One example tested found a 12 per cent point difference in brand awareness between those who were second screening during the ad exposure and those who were not.

The research also found that the “zapping rate” (the average number of channel changes a user does per hour) is 10 per cent lower while viewers are engaged with their mobile phones than without them. This was found to be the case with all age ranges except 18-24, who actually changed channels more frequently while second screening.