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Pay-TV, broadband firms increasingly likely to alienate customers

Poor customer service and rising complaint levels are putting subscriptions at risk

Pay-TV and broadband business are in danger of alienating their customers through poor service and increasing complaint levels, according to the latest research from service design consultancy Engine.

Engine reported that pay-TV/broadband firms saw one of the biggest increases in customers citing them among the worst sectors for service – rising 3.3 per cent to 33.5 per cent Only airlines saw a greater rise (4.3 per cent).

Consequently, Engine stated that pay-TV/broadband is now regarded as the third worst sector for customer service – behind only public transport (cited by 38 per cent) and utilities (37 per cent) sectors.

Joe Heapy, co-founder of Engine, said: “Customers want their broadband and TV to work without a hitch, but when there is a problem, there’s still a small window to keep them happy before frustration sets in. Remember, people aren’t asking the Earth. The three things they value most when dealing with a company are honesty, efficiency and reliability – and it’s been these three consistently for the last four years of the study.

“Unfortunately, in such a hyper competitive and growing market, companies over-promise on what they can deliver. This means they fall short on generating the single most important feeling people want from dealing with a company – that it’s worth what they’re paying.”