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Over 50 per cent of global viewers stream content on their mobile every week

Figure is edging closer to those streaming via TV

A new report says 51 per cent of global viewers are now streaming content via their mobile phone every week.

Brightcove’s 2018 Global Streaming Habits Survey suggests the figure is edging ever closer to the number of viewers streaming content via their TV – 58 per cent.

When compared to how millennials consume content, mobile phone streaming is ahead by just one percentage point – 73 per cent to 72 per cent.

The report also found advertisements and technical issues are the key spoilers for live streaming experiences, with too many ads (37 per cent) and poor image or video quality (35 per cent) being the top reasons for respondents having abandoned a live stream, followed by buffering (33 per cent) and the live stream crashing (32 per cent).

“Across all generations, consuming online video is now an integral part of our daily entertainment routines. Today, we’re seeing technology-savvy consumers stepping into decision making roles, making it even more critical to understand the motivations behind these decisions,” said Sara Larsen, CMO, Brightcove. 

“Today’s reality is every generation is consuming online video more than ever, so we want to ensure our customers have the knowledge and data needed to reach massive cross-generational audiences in a way that allows them to better connect with their viewers.”