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Nielsen: Streaming comprises a fifth of “TV time”

Content considered most important factor in subscribing to services

Americans in OTT-capable homes spend 19 per cent of “TV time” watching streaming content, Nielsen has found.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report revealed that 60 per cent subscribe to more than one VoD service, while 93 per cent say they plan to either increase or keep their existing streaming services.

Price was voted the most vital attribute for a quality streaming service, with 42 per cent citing cost as the reason for cancelling a subscription service.

User-friendly interactivity and content placed second and third in the hierarchy of video streaming attributes.

Gaining access to more content was ranked the most important reason for subscribing to additional services (47 per cent), followed by “watching programmes I used to watch on TV” and “to watch a particular programme that I have heard about” (both 37 per cent).

“We’ve only just entered the first chapter of the Streaming Wars, but rest assured that the fight will continue,” said the report. “The platforms that can adapt to the marketplace may rise to the top; should they not continue to evolve nor expand their content libraries, then consumers just might replace them.”