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“More than half of UK audience” considers cord-cutting

Six in 10 consumers watch video most frequently on a smartphone

More than half of UK audiences are considering cord-cutting or have already done so, according to a new report from Grabyo.

The study found that 48 per cent of UK consumers who are looking to cancel their pay-TV subscriptions primarily watch video on social media platforms.

The report also showed that in every European market, consumers are streaming video more often than watching pay-TV.

According to the report: “The rise in streaming and social viewing is happening because six in 10 consumers watch video most frequently on a smartphone.”

Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon commented: “The growth in streaming services and social video offers choice for consumers. The UK’s pay-TV market has been resilient given the strength of its content proposition and high-quality services, but this may not last.

“Broadcasters need to adapt to this shift in viewer behaviour and expectations. We know consumers want to watch broadcast TV content, but they want to watch it on the device that suits them and with a business model that reflects their individual needs.”