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Investment in home-grown UK content by multichannel broadcasters hits £1.1 billion a year

According to COBA’s 2019 Content Report

Investment in home-grown TV content by multichannel broadcasters in the UK has hit £1.1 billion a year, according to a new report from the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA).

Signalling the “mixed ecology” of the UK broadcast industry, this marks the first time annual investment in UK content production by the multichannel sector has topped £1 billion.

The sector comprises hundreds of channels investing in a wide range of programming, including high-profile drama, entertainment and factual content.

COBA’s 2019 Content Report also finds that investment in UK content by multichannel broadcasters has grown by 75 per cent compared to 2011, a faster growth rate than that of public service broadcasters.

Additionally, the multichannel sector spent £447 million in 2017 on commissions from external producers, with the remainder invested in in-house production of news, sport and animation.

Newly appointed COBA chair Heather Jones said: “This report signals the coming of age of the multi-channel TV industry. It is not just about the record levels of spend; it is also about creative competition and plurality, giving opportunities to a greater array of voices than ever before.

“Along with the thriving UK production sector, the biggest beneficiaries are UK viewers – who now have an even better and broader choice of excellent British TV shows to watch than ever before.”