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Half of mobile video viewers expect download functionality

Consumers ultimately "resigned" to poor streaming experiences

Half of mobile video viewers expect services to offer the ability to download content for offline viewing, according to the latest data from Penthera. 

As the demand for mobile video grows, viewers are still being frustrated by a variety of technical issues, according to the research. Three in five respondents said they experienced video problems at least half of the time they attempt to watch content. Only eight per cent said they never have any issues.

Buffering remains the most frequently reported problem, with 65 per cent of users citing that issue. Fifty per cent noted annoying advertisements, while long load times were noted as a major source of frustration by 40 per cent.

According to the research, consumers are ultimately resigned to the issues surrounding online video. When they encounter a problem, 54 per cent say they give up and try again later. Half accept that streaming is a frustrating activity, but continue to do it anyway.

As a result of such issues, 11 per cent say the frustrations would prompt them to cancel their subscription. Five per cent would leave a bad review on an app store.

The ability to download content, therefore, is high in demand. Fifty per cent of respondents say they expect their service provider to offer downloads. A similar half would be willing to pay an extra $1 for the feature, while 28 per cent would pay an additional $3 or more.

In total, 39 per cent said they would be more likely to subscribe to a service if it offered downloads, while 18 per cent said they would be less likely to cancel.

Consumers attach a high value to the ability to download even if not many use it on a regular basis. Overall, 40 per cent have used the feature, if only occasionally. 14 per cent say they download monthly or more often. Eight per cent are weekly users.