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Almost three-quarters of UK consumers stream content

Over a third of UK viewers are streaming content every day

A new report from Limelight Networks has found 73 per cent of UK consumers now consume content via streaming, rather than downloading or purchasing physical copies.

Over a third (33.4 per cent) of the respondents to Limelight’s The State of Digital Lifestyles report who were based in the UK said they download or stream films or TV every day, while 36.2 per cent said it was weekly. More consumers were willing to pay for TV and film content (62.7 per cent) than music (58.2 per cent) or games (56.2 per cent).

The report also found:

  • Consumers have high hopes for 5G wireless networking, with 69 per cent of Brits expecting faster download speeds
  • More than one in five of Brits don’t expect 5G will have a major impact and one in 10 simply don’t know what it is

The State of Digital Lifestyles report is based on responses from 4,500 consumers in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and US, aged 18 and older who had downloaded software or streamed online video or music during the last month. The full report is available here.