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World’s first human rights TV channel launches in UK

IOHRTV aims "to put human rights into the front line of mainstream media”

The world’s first human rights TV channel has been launched by the International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR).

The web-based IOHRTV channel has launched on the UK’s platform, aiming “to put human rights into the front line of mainstream media.”

IOHRTV will broadcast programmes such as civil society-based talk show NGO Focus, featuring interviews with organisations such as Save the Children, Care International and Refuge.

The channel’s content is produced by a team of human rights professionals, researchers and award-winning journalists, including former CNN and Sky News presenter Trish Lynch.

IOHR director Valerie Peay said: “We’re proud to be the first organisation taking this approach in the UK – TV is a great platform to share the many incredible stories we encounter, and we aim to use that platform to make long-lasting and meaningful change.”