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Spitting Image reboot ‘will be produced and filmed in the UK’

A number of US networks are interested in the show, which will take aim at Donald Trump

A planned reboot of Spitting Image for US TV will be produced and filmed in the UK.

According to reports, NBC, HBO, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon are all thought to be interested in the show, which is being rebooted by Roger Law, co-creator of the original series, which ran for 18 series on ITV.

The US remake will be made by Avalon Television in the UK, with the writing team based in the US.

Law has already created a puppet of President Trump (pictured) for the potential show makers which is to go on display at Norwich’s Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts as part of a retrospective of his work.

Law said he did not want to reboot the series in the UK but was tempted by the US approach “because of Trump”. 

Asked if he thought the US leader and prolific Twitter user would post a critique about his puppet parody, Law said: “He spends six hours a day watching television so of course he’ll watch it.”