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Red Bull and Intel partner on augmented reality

Fans of Red Bull Rampage can watch this year's event in 360-degrees

Red Bull has partnered with Intel to develop coverage of this year’s Red Bull Rampage event in both augmented reality and 360-degree video.

Viewers of the event, which starts today, are able to interact with a photorealistic 3D model of the course in AR on supported iOS and Android devices within the Red Bull TV app. It allows fans to zoom in on key points of interest overlaid on the digital mountainside, from interviews and behind-the-scenes clips to point-of-view videos from the riders. 

Four 360-degree cameras are also being set up around the course. The additional content will run concurrently alongside the traditional live broadcast, which will be viewable on a virtual billboard in the AR space.

To accurately capture the scale and detail of the Rampage course, Intel flew an automated drone along programmed flight paths above it, capturing some 1,200 high-resolution images that were then processed in the cloud-based Intel Insight Platform to create the photorealistic model.