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Red Bee Media enables deaf translators to provide sign language for live broadcasts

First time deaf translators have been able to work on live programming

Red Bee Media has developed a new sign language service for live broadcasts, allowing deaf translators to work on live content for the first time.

The live subtitles are first created by a captioner re-speaking via Subito (Red Bee Media’s live captioning platform), whilst listening to a low latency audio feed of the broadcast.

These captions are then reformatted through InterSub (a tool created to deliver real-time transcripts in non-broadcast environments) and presented on the studio teleprompter used by the translator to provide sign language translation on screen.

“Speed and accuracy have been our focus in perfecting this setup. By combining our systems in an innovative way, we have been able to utilise the skills of our captioning and translation staff together with the speed and reliability of our platforms – enabling our deaf translation team to provide a service that was previously only possible via a hearing interpreter”, said Matt Simpson, head of portfolio, Access Services, Red Bee Media.

Red Bee Media says its deaf sign language translators are providing services on key events and certain weekend shows.